Specialist Oils

“Abseal SRP Dry to Touch Oil”
Abseal SRP is an emulsifiable protective oil designed to produce a “non-tacky” coating on steel components in their raw state, after acid pickling or Phosphate. This may replace conventional solvent/mineral oil-based products to dewater, and give over 1,000 hour’s protection in the Humidity cabinet. Processed components are “non-tacky” facilitating ease of handling and is safe to us with rubber or plastic components.

“Castrol DWX31”
DWX31 is a high quality solvent deposited protective based on a powerful rust inhibitor and possessing good water displacement properties. The deposited film is resistant to rough handling is ideal for use under and severe industrial conditions. This is the preferred top coat for Phosphated parts

“Castrol Safecoat 66”
SafeCoat 66 is a solvent free oil type protective containing a vapour-phase corrosion inhibitor. It has been specifically designed for simultaneously cleaning and protecting ball and roller bearings and is also suitable for the protection of all types of delicate or highly finished engineering products, particularly those, which contain moving parts and cannot be protected with greasy film coatings.
SafeCoat 66 complies with EC Solvent Directive (1999/13/EC)

Pronatur engineering lubricant is a high performance PTFE lubricant for applications such as long lasting lubrication of close coil torsion springs in stainless or plated wire.

All oil applications are performed by total immersion of the components with ample agitation to ensure full coverage. Parts can then be drip, spun, oven dried or directly packed into customer supplied containers to keep them wet!

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